Tuesday, 5 July 2011

a watch for all seasons

With a limited budget my buying power has always been restricted especially concerning watches.There are certain purchases where costs equates to quality...and personally I think a watch is such a purchase. So a while back I treated myself to a classical styled nixon sentry men's watch(for style longevity). I opted for a black rubber strap and white face combo ,concluding this would compliment a greater range of outfits. After some time I did find this some what limiting ....especially as my wardrobe had recently skewed to a very autumnal spectrum ...reds,browns etc. Consequently I was faced once again with the prospect of another relatively expensive purchase.....however after searching for various watches It dawned on me that one watch alone wouldn't be enough to compliment my wardrobe and then it dawned on me ,my eureka moment.....why not change the strap....the brushed steel movement would lend it self to many strap colours !....and so my quest for straps began ! Now i have four straps in total  and to pardon the pun ....a watch for all seasons .

The Black and Original Strap

£120 Nixons men's watch “the sentry” www.streetfusion.co.uk and many other online retailers

The Red Strap 

£5 Nylon NATO Watch Strap 22mm Red www.ebay.co.uk seller : Watchshop_uk

The Orange Strap

£10 Genuine leather perforated orange strap www.watchband-berlin.com

The White Strip

£10 White rubber divers watch strap www.ebay.co.uk seller : b_strapped

The Collection

so now I have a collection of four watches for most occasions for a very reasonable £145 which ,with so many colours ,textures and materials available (rubber yellow is next on my list) is only set to grow!!!

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